Amazing Coffee Mix with Tongkat-Ali


AMAZING Coffee Mix with Tongkat-Ali is specially created for the coffee lover who enjoys the finer things in life.

Formulated using the world’s finest Arabica coffee beans blended with TONGKAT-ALI powder and the right level of creaminess and the natural sweetness of stevia, it is the modern man’s way of simultaneously getting an EXTRA BOOST of ENERGY while enjoying his cup of coffee daily!

Note that, Amazing Coffee Mix is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

Note: *Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor.

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6 Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Women’s Health

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
Published on August 7, 2014, Last Updated on February 27, 2015.

Hormone imbalance is a common health for many women today.
Exposure to toxins that exhibit estrogen-like effects, and there are plenty, can throw a woman’s hormone production off.
Common symptoms include fatigue, slowed metabolism, low libido, and brain fog.
Herbalists and believers in traditional medicines have long used Tongkat ali, commonly known as Longjack, to combat these issues and modern research has confirmed its status as a health-supporting herb with hormone balancing benefits.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali Females

Used for centuries to support female health, Tongkat ali still remains foreign to most people.
Fortunately, a great deal of research is shedding new light onto the herb’s benefits, specifically for women.
Here are just a few benefits of Tongkat ali for women’s health:

Helps Fight Unwanted Weight Gain

Hormones dictate metabolism and an imbalance almost always leads to unwanted weight gain.
Many of us may have come to accept that a certain level of weight gain and fatigue is a normal part of aging; however, this doesn’t have to be the case.
Often, the reason we are gaining weight is simply because we are being exposed to environmental toxins that are messing with our natural hormonal equilibrium.
Tongkat ali may aid in reducing weight gain by stabilizing hormones, and this applies to both males and females.

Boosts Energy

When the body isn’t producing adequate hormones, or when its production has gone haywire, it can often result in low energy levels.
Because Tongkat is an excellent tool for balancing hormones, it has the additional affect of balancing energy and metabolism.
The increased energy may also be helpful for supporting endurance during exercise, linking Tongkat back to weight loss and maintenance.

Natural Libido Support

No matter your gender, a testosterone boost can be a helpful way for increasing sexual flame and desire.
Folklore says that Tongkat ali is helpful for increasing the sensitivity of a woman’s erogenous zones, further increasing its libido-boosting qualities.
While research has shown that the herb boosts libido in male rats, researchers believe these effects can also be replicated in females.

Promotes Skeletal Health

Low testosterone levels increases one’s chances of developing osteoporosis, a debilitating disease characterized by weak, fragile bones.
While calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium all play a role in bone health, maintaining hormonal balance is key for regulating the health of the entire body.
Since Tongkat encourages serum concentration of testosterone, it is believed that the herb may be a useful adjunct toward improving and maintaining superior bone health.

Mood Support

Research has shown that Tongkat ali reduces cortisol, our main stress hormone.
Cortisol is produced in response to stress and is also one of the main contributors to stress-related weight gain.
In clinical trials, Tongkat Ali reduces tension, anger, and confusion.
The herb may also reduce the effects of everyday stress associated with diet, sleep loss, and even exercise.
Improved memory is also associated with Tongkat ali supplementation.

Encourages Normal Blood Sugar
Maintaining proper blood sugar levels through diet and exercise is one of the best defenses against type II diabetes.
Research has confirmed that Tongkat ali may contribute to this effort.
Reducing refined carbohydrates in the diet, increasing exercise, getting quality sleep, and sunlight exposure are also extremely helpful ways to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

Benefits for Men

Many aging men experience reductions in testosterone and other hormones, a condition known as andropause.
Symptoms of andropause may include reduced sexual response, lack of energy, increased body fat, and mental lethargy.
Andropause can be a struggle for many men, it’s frustrating when your body just doesn’t do what it used to. Although testosterone replacement therapy is available, it can have serious side effects and come at a great cost. Many men have instead looked to natural, herbal therapies.

Eurycoma longifolia jack, also known as Tongkat ali, is a therapeutic herb. Like many other exotic plants, tongkat ali is popular in traditional medicine.
Its primary use has been to promote healthy libido and support normal hormone levels in males.

Tongkat Ali and Testosterone

Tongkat ali root has long been used as an aphrodisiac and remedy for age-related sexual disorders and symptoms of andropause.
The root contains compounds that have repeatedly been shown in animal studies to stimulate libido, promote semen quality, and even support muscle growth.
These effects have largely been attributed to increases in testosterone.

Tongkat Ali and Male Fertility

Although not everyone who supplements with tongkat ali wants to increase their fertility, it is worth mentioning that tongkat ali’s hormonal support benefits also promotes normal sperm quality.
Sperm quality, measured by volume, concentration, and motility, can impact male fertility.

In one study, seventy-five men who consumed tongkat ali every day were observed to have experienced significant improvements in sperm quality, improvements that lasted for months after the initial study.
Almost 15% of the participants even reported new pregnancies.

Aging doesn’t mean compromising sexual enthusiasm and satisfaction.
When men get older, their responsibilities increase and therefore, they might be too tired to even have a drive for intimate pleasures.
It is also very possible to develop erectile dysfunction, decrease in energy level and mood.

But worry not for there is a coffee that will improve:

  • Their drive
  • Help prevent erectile dysfunction
  • Strengthen the back and knee
  • Treat impotence
  • Replenish the blood
  • Help maintain strong kidney functions
  • Help release toxins for healthy urination.

Level up your performance with all these bonus benefits from AMAZING Coffee Mix with Tongkat Ali!

IAMWorldwide produced AMAZING Coffee with the best components of Tongkat Ali which:

Increases production of testosterone
Helps in detoxifying the body to help your sexual enthusiasm and endurance.

The powerful ingredients of this AMAZING Coffee will make you level up your performance!!!


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