3 Boxes Amazing Grape Juice w Garcinia Cambogia



• Nakakabawas ng appetite kaya busog ka agad. Hindi ka made-deprive sa masasarap na pagkain kasi NO NEED FOR EXTREME DIET.

• Kino convert ang calories into energy kaya hindi ito na i-store as fat, kaya NO NEED FOR INTENSE EXERCISE.

• No LBM effect. Pwede mong gamitin kahit may lakad or may work ka.

• No unnecessary side effects.

• No rebound. Pwede nyo syang gamitin up to 6 weeks nang tuluy-tuloy. Pero you can stop anytime once maabot mo na yung desired size mo. Suffering from obesity, Cholesterol problem, an increase in your blood sugar level, and depression due to weight challenges? Tired of rigorous exercises, torturous diet, and the unpleasant taste and high cost of dietary supplements? Or simply just wanted to loose excess fat and reach that desired weight?

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Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical citrus fruit that really found in South East Asia. It is also known as Malabar Tamarind. This small pumpkin lookin’, greenish to pale yellowish colored fruit is a very good source of Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA which helps prevent Calories from being stored as fat. Understanding the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia is easy as A, B, C…

A – ppetite Suppresant. Garcinia Cambogia disrupts the conversion of Carbohydrates into fat within the body. This process gives signal to the brain that your appetite is satisfied and promote a feeling of fulness compared than usual.

B – oost your mood by reducing stress. Stress is reduced due to its organic compound as it helps boost Serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant. Serotonin is also called once as a Happy Hormone and helps promote the feeling of being uplifted, encouraged abd determined to achieve their weight goals.

C – onverts fat into energy. When we eat our liver enzymes convert the sugars and carb components of our food into fat cells causing body fat. With the help of Garcinia Cambogia, this sugar and carbohydrates are converted into energy that promoting the production of Glycogen which is a form of energy storage in the human body.

Prevents Fat Storage

Lowering Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Improved Heart Health

Improved Mental Alertness

Enhanced Energy Level

Improved Digestion

Cures Gastric Issues

Reduces Stomach Acidity

Stops Lipid Cellular Damages

Improves Serotonin Levels



1. Timplahin ang 1 sachet sa isang basong tubig (200ml)

2. Take 30 minutes to 1 hour BEFORE meal. Then, drink a glass of water pagkainom ng garcinia.


* Once a day for weight maintenance.
* 2x a day if over-weight
* 3x a day if obese (MAXIMUM)


MUST: Increase water intake to hydrate your body, and for better absorption.



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