I’ve been working in the BPO Industry since 2006 with a graveyard schedule and honestly it gradually affected my health. In 2011, I was diagnosed with Endomitriosis and would always be in pain during my periods. I have been having regular headaches and ocassional dizziness due to lack of sleep most especially when I am expecting my monthly period. I have a sleeping disorder and I usually get only 3-4 hrs rest in a day and it has really affected my day to day activities. I was given hormone pills together with pain relievers but it never resolved the problem.

I am used to taking pain relievers almost everyday so I will be able to get out of bed and be able to work.

Back in December 2017, I was introduced to Amazing Barley and I started taking only 2 capsules per day. 1 week of taking Barley Capsules, I have noticed that I don’t feel dizzy and I am not getting headaches that I usually get everyday and during that time, I was already expecting my period to start. I also noticed that I am able to get a well rested sleep even if it is just for 4 hrs.

It has been 2 months since I started taking barley supplements and it really helped with my monthly menstrual pain and headaches and with my sleep.

I always hesitated taking supplements because of the taste but I am really glad that Amazing Barley comes in capsule form.

I am so AMazed and feel so blessed!!! I have not purchased pain relievers since January 2018 because I have not used up the ones I bought back in December.

Thank you Margaret Chan Lo and Eliz Rose for introducing me to AMazing Barley.

#goodbyepainrelievers, hello #amazingbarley

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